Top 10 things to do in Granada, Spain

Top 10 things to do in Granada, Spain

The Costa Blanca is a fantastic place to visit for a holiday and to play golf. But it’s also ideally situated to enable the slightly more adventurous traveller to set off and discover the beautiful cities that inland Spain has to offer.

Granada is only a few hours drive the A-7 Autovista from the Alicante area. The motorway is a pleasure to drive and whilst it serves the Mediterranean coast it runs inland via Murcia and on to Granada and further south to Marbella.

The city of Granada is perhaps most famous for the stunning Alhambra Palace that sits atop one of the hills in the city. The Alhambra is a World Heritage Site and worthy of 3 or 4 hours of anyones time to just marvel in the craftsmanship.
alhambra granada

Photo courtesy of Cromeo (c)

When we visited Granada we rented a simple apartment in the Albaicín – this is the old arab quarter on the hill opposite, the photo in this article is taken from this part of the city. The streets are all cobbled and wind their way up and down. Driving in this part of Granada is not for the faint-hearted – far better to hop on a bus.

But Granada is more than just about the Alhambra, and the eponymous beer. This article by Molley Piccavey is a great list of the 10 best things to experience in Granada.

Top 10 things to do in Granada

Molley writes about Granada on her blog, and if you are venturing beyond the beaches and golf courses of the Costa Blanca I can thoroughly recommend that you take the time to read the articles, your visit to Granada will be even more memorable if you do.

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